Full Truckload Shipping San Diego

With thousands of qualified carriers nationwide, FindsTruk locates the right equipment for your truckloads to fit your individual needs. Our strong network and relationships enable us to strategically find trucks looking for backhaul freight home, passing the added savings on to you. Whether it be vans, refrigerated, or flatbeds, FindsTruk has you covered!



LTL/Partial Shipping San Diego

From one pallet to a half-truckload, dry or refrigerated, we possess the resources to optimize cost and efficiency; saving you time and money. Utilizing our pre-negotiated tariffs with a Nationwide Network of Reliable and Trusted LTL (Less-than-Truckload) Carriers, we quickly provide quotes much lower than rest. 



Van Shipping San Diego

 Armed with thousands of van carriers, FindsTruk delivers with the best rates and service in the industry. We are happy to meet any of your needs or requirements, and can find trucks in even the most difficult lanes. From full truckloads, to partials and LTL, we have the equipment available to meet your needs.



Temperature Controlled Shipping San Diego

FindsTruk understands the importance of a reliable carrier for your temperature-controlled shipments, and we are highly experienced in transporting a wide array of freight using our large base of specialized refrigerated carriers. Whether you have one pallet or a full truckload, we are capable of meeting your individual needs.



Intermodal Shipping San Diego

Let us save you money by utilizing multi-modes of transport, such as combining truck and rail. If your freight is not time-sensitive, it is possible to make deep spending cuts on freight costs by thinking outside of the box.



Flatbed Shipping San Diego

FindsTruk has the resources to safely move your flatbed freight, using only the most qualified carriers for your sensitive shipments. If you require tarps, side kits, permits, or escorts, let us assist you in all of your specialized needs.


Save time and money through the expertise of FindsTruk professionals.

 We will locate the right carrier and provide a schedule to fit your shipping requirements. You will also benefit from our nationwide and international shipping sources, and from our affiliation with Online Freight Services, a nationally recognized shipping organization.

FindsTruk is a well-established, dynamic, 3rd-party transportation management company, staffed by Certified Master Brokers experienced in finding the right carrier for your shipment locally, domestically, or internationally.

FindsTruk facilitates any sized freight, be it full truckload (TL), partials, or less than truckload (LTL), and all types of equipment, such as Reefers, Vans, Flatbeds, or Intermodal.

We take extra steps to track and monitor your shipment from time of pickup to delivery. We also follow up to make certain your shipment arrived on time and in good shape.

We see our job as matching your shipments with the right carrier, working closely with you and the carrier, to make certain your shipment arrives at the right place at the right time, to your complete satisfaction.

Those who utilize FindsTruk for their freight needs stand a lot more to gain than just savings from our expertise in shipping. They also find us honest, reliable, and pleasant to work with.

Contact us today for a free and timely quotation!

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